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Change Begins With Us---We Can Make A Difference

Awareness begins with us! As much as we see happening in our communities that we are not pleased with is a challenge to us to become involve. Violence in our schools, on our streets and more sadly, in our homes where children reside impacts and effects not only the individuals who are victims but also the community as a whole. How many times have you sat on a city bus or other means of public transportation and witnessed someone being harassed or threatened and you looked the other way, thinking....that's not my problem. Well, in reality, it becomes our problem. It becomes our problem every time a youth is sent to prison, whether by paying out of our pockets, or having taxes increased. It becomes our problem every time a child comes to school and cannot learn or chooses to find a way to express themselves in a negative capacity. Most do not believe this, but violence does begin at home. The youth are heavily impacted and their attitudes impede or should I say, extend from what they live! It is our duty to impact change.

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